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CIS Teacher Recognized as One of Nine Finalists for Teacher of the Year in the State of NM

Mr. Tom Langowski was recognized as one of nine finalists for the State of New Mexico for Teacher of the Year at the Governor’s mansion on Monday.  Mr. Langowski, a science teacher and Champion of Socratic methodology at Carlsbad Intermediate School, was nominated for the honor by administration.  He progressed through a rigorous process, complete with multiple letters of support and support from the CMS Superintendent of Schools Mr. Gary Perkowski, and the submission of multiple essays to demonstrate professional excellence, community involvement, his philosophy of teaching and experiences in the teaching profession. 

Although the recommendation stated in the application was to consider a teacher with 20 or more year of experience, we believe Mr. Langowski exemplifies the profession of teaching.  As stated in one letter of support, “…it is teachers like Mr. Langowski who provide innovative and motivating experiences to deepen students’ knowledge.”  We congratulate Mr. Langowski on this outstanding achievement and are proud to recognize him for his service and many contributions to the Carlsbad Municipal School District.