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Early College High School (CECHS) BPA Officer Team Meet with Governor Martinez

On Monday and Tuesday, January 30-31 the CECHS BPA Officer Team, consisting of Chance McGilvray (President), Aaron Braddock (Vice-President), Sierra Kostedt (Secretary), Chris Pulice (Treasurer), Ileana Braddock (Historian), and Caleb McCarty (Parliamentarian) along with Mr. Eric Spencer (CECHS Principal), Mr. Gavin Mack (BPA Chapter Advisor) and Mr. Ken Kostedt (CIS teacher and parent) attended the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) Legislative Day in Santa Fe.  Monday evening, the participants had an opportunity to meet students and CTSO leaders from around the state as we were prepared for our activities on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, the group had the distinct privilege of meeting with several legislators including the Floor Majority Leader, the Floor Majority Whip, and Eddy County's Representative Cathrynn Brown.  We observed the House of Representatives and the Senate Chambers and were present when the CTSO organizations were honored with the reading of a House Memorial.  We also observed various stages of law making, from debate in committee to voting on the House floor.  


The group was fortunate to get to speak with the Governor's Chief of Staff for quite some time, who spoke directly with the students and was quite moved by some of the stories of their experiences in school.  After meeting with the Chief of Staff, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Governor Susanna Martinez, who also spoke directly with the students and praised them for their accomplishments. Overall, all of the participants enjoyed the trip with some hoping to return later this session to be a legislative page for a day.