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Carlsbad High School Social Media - Important

Dear Carlsbad Families,
On Sunday night, February 25th, a social media post threatened violence at Carlsbad High School. Police were immediately notified and at this time they do not believe the threat to be viable. We understand that parents are very concerned about the safety of their children at school, and will take every step necessary to ensure student safety.
At Carlsbad Municipal Schools, we understand that our students may be feeling anxiety, fear and even anger about the recent events in Broward County, Florida. Please discuss with your children the importance of carefully choosing the words they use and images they post on social media accounts. Any communication that may be viewed as a threat can result in very serious consequences for your child at school and in the criminal system.
Children may not always be aware of the consequences of what they do and say online, and they may find themselves in serious trouble perpetuating hoaxes on social media. If you believe an imminent threat to be credible, please contact the Carlsbad Police Department.
Our top priority is to support the academic and social emotional needs of our students while maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for all. We respect and support the right for parents to take the safety of their children as their highest priority. Please be assured that we will report and work with law enforcement to track down any social media threats and protect our students to the fullest extent of the law.
Dr. Greg Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools