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Craft Elementary School » Parent Involvement Policy Plan

Parent Involvement Policy Plan

Parent Involvement Plan

At Craft Elementary School, we believe parent involvement is vital in insuring that our students are going to be academically successful. Home is where education begins, thus partnering with parents is the key to success.

We have developed a Student, Teacher, Parent and Administration compact, to open up communication between each group that will enable us to promote higher academic achievement, communication and better relationship for each student. Parents, community members, staff and students participated in the development of our school compacts. The compacts will be discussed and signed at the first Parent/Teacher Conference.

  • An explanation of the state mandated testing and achievement will be given to parents during our “Back to School” meeting. Letters will go home within the first three weeks of school that will further explain how we did and what the goals for 2010-2011. Teachers will individually discuss each student’s progress on MAP scores, STAR reports and CRT scores, during the October 4th Parent/Teacher Conference.
  • Teachers and principal will meet to discuss each student not making progress. Strategies will be developed, and parents will be contacted so they may be part of each student plan.
  • Parents will be an integral part of each meeting, whether it is a SAT, IEP or 504 plan meeting.
  • Weekly progress reports will alert teachers, parents and principal concerning the children who will need extra support and strategies.
  • Parents will be encouraged to volunteer and work with all school related programs and activities.
  • Parents and community will be informed of school status and learn of the school plan to make AYP for 2010-2011.
  • Parents and community members will partner with school by signing the Student/School Compact agreeing to help in the school activities designed to increase progress in Math, Reading and Parent Involvement.
  • We will send out monthly activity and reading calendars which families must complete, sign and return to school.
  • Parents will receive weekly progress reports and participate if any child is at risk of failure.

The Parent/Teacher organization will meet during September. Once officers are elected they will become the main source by which Craft Elementary will get information needed for parent participation.