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Volunteer Guidelines

Parents as Volunteers at ECEC

Dear Kindergarten Parents and Friends,

We value “parents as partners” at ECEC. If you are interested in volunteering in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher to set up an appropriate time to do so. Please read over the following guidelines and talk to me about anything that may not be clear.
ALL volunteers must complete the necessary paperwork for a background check and receive clearance from the HR department at Central Office before beginning the volunteer program at ECEC. You can contact Roberta York at 234-3300 to complete this process.
Before coming to the classroom, all volunteers must be signed up at the school office. Please check in at the office each time before you join us and wear a visitor's name tag. This is for our children's safety.
Our kindergarten is a safe and happy environment: We respect each child's individual rate and style of learning. We are very professional and respectful of the privacy of our children and their families.
Refrain from reprimanding or disciplining the children. ALL issues should be brought to the attention of the classroom teacher.

  • Always use a soft, friendly voice when working in the classroom.
  • Please remember to focus on the children and save adult conversations for later. Information about individual learners is only discussed with the teacher.
  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy the children. Know that your work makes a difference in the lives of our children and the richness of our classroom.
  • Make sure to turn off your cell phone or turn to vibrate while working with the children or in the classroom.
  • Younger siblings are not to be brought with you during your volunteer time. ECEC strives to provide a strong educational foundation for all children during the academic day. Siblings are always welcome during classroom parties, assemblies, and other events, accompanied by the parents.

** Each parent has the opportunity to contribute to their child’s education by reading to them at home, assisting them with their homework and participating in extra-curricular events. Making sure that your child comes to school each day, on time, ready to learn is a great way to provide the quality foundation for your child’s educational success.

With warm appreciation,

Mrs. Misti Fernandez
ECEC Principal