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Fine Moto Activities

Fine Motor Activities

Included in this section you will find several activities to do at home which will improve your child's fine motor skills.

1. Increase scissor skills: start with snipping, then straight lines, curved lines, large circles and squares. It is also fun for the children to cut play doh.
2. Pick up various objects (cotton balls, block, raisins) with tongs and tweezers.
3. Squeeze and release liquid through squirt bottles and turkey basters.
4. Try squeezing and releasing liquid (may use paint) through eye droppers onto colored paper, tissue paper or coffee filters.
5. Hole punchers will strengthen hand muscles.
6. Clothespins - make sure children open and close the clothespin with index, middle fingers and thumb. They may try picking up cotton balls and moving them to a bowl.
7. Playdoh - roll playdoh into snakes or balls.
8. Puzzles - good for fine motor and problem solving skills.
9. String yarn with beads or cereal.
10. Tearing paper.
11. Painting
12. Lacing cards.
13. Drawing with crayon or chalk. Try drawing in different positions such as on an easel or laying on their tummy.