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  • understands the student is the center of all decisions
  • can lead the community to understand the needs of the district and its employees
  • leads the learning of our students to be prepared for their future including our children meeting college and career standards
  • ensures district policies and administrative requirements are in place and upheld
  • understands the roles of district personnel and builds shared accountability to help everyone fulfill their role
  • works collaboratively to develop a culture of continuous improvement
  • listens to the voices of our community, students, and staff
  • will work with the board of education as a team to meet our shared vision and mission
I stand ready to lead the community of Carlsbad Municipal Schools and understand the importance of working as a team to systematically address the core values that will guide our vision. As the Superintendent of Schools for CMS, I understand and will work tirelessly to utilize the community as our strength. Therefore, we must involve every part of our community in the continuous improvement of our district. Our classrooms must engage students in profound learning opportunities and allow them to create and innovative. I, along with my leadership team will listen to others and understand that collaboration leads to greater growth, and that the culture of the district is based around the belief system the district has developed.

Let’s work together to promote the great happenings and innovative ideas in our district as we continue to partner with the city, chamber, county, and New Mexico State University to provide limitless opportunities for our students.

One of my goals is to transparently and proactively communicate with our stakeholders. It is my belief that every person: teacher, grandmother, grandfather, child, mom and dad wants to be valued for their work. Listening to our community’s voice is crucial for understanding, modeling servant leadership, and helping our children develop a passion for life-long learning. As we do the work that is necessary to attain our vision, we must never forget to acknowledge those that help us do the daily tasks, as well as those that map out the journey for us. I believe that in order to doing meaningful and enduring work it will take time and will require support and communication at all levels.

I welcome you to visit our schools and learn what makes Carlsbad Municipal Schools a wonderful place to learn and live!




Dr. Greg Rodríguez
Carlsbad Municipal School District